Survivor Team Building Gold Reef City

Survivor Team Building Gold Reef City

The Survivor Challenge is a treasure hunt with low physical requirements, and is fit for all ages. The first part treasure hunt to find clues, and Thrill Rides. The second half include lots of riddles that include UV Torches and Invisible Ink - teams have to find eight digits that opens a safe. The Newspaper Conveyer Belt as our top team building activity as teams have to be in absolute sync to walk from A to B - but first they have to build the Conveyer Belt using only newspapers and cello tape.

Team Building Gold Reef City

±09h00 - Arrival Coffee & Freshly Baked Giant Muffins at Barney’s

±09h20 - Ice Breakers and Funny Group Activities

Dividing Teams
The entire group would stand in a circle and everybody would get a number. All the “number 1’s” would be in a team, and all the “number 2’s” in another team, etc. Allow about ten people per team

±09h30 - Survivor Thrill Rides
This is a Treasure Hunt, teams have to solve riddles and then go on as many rides as possible, including the Anaconda, Dream Boat, Golden Loop, Jozi Express, Miners Revenge, UFO etc. Clues are hidden at the many Gold Reef relics, i.e. trains, mining equipment, diggers etc.

11h00 - Refreshment Break
Giant Footlongs with Chicken Grillers (halaal), and Bottled Water.

±11h20 - Newspaper Conveyer Belt
Probably the best team building activity for teams to work together as one unit. Teams have to build a conveyer using newspapers and cello tape. They then have to walk inside the conveyer belt, and race to the finish line

±12h00 – Survivor Escape Room
This activity is a strategy game and has low physical requirements. The game plays out in the Old Town. Based on the Hollywood blockbuster with Tom Hanks, and Dan Brown's best-selling novel, that took place in Rome. Teams have to solve four puzzles; earth, water, fire, and wind - and each element represents a number that open a safe. Riddles include invisible ink and UV Torches.

±13h00 - Lunch Buffet at Barney's
Lunch consist of a typical Tsogo Sun Lunch Buffet with of Lamb Curry or a Beef Stew, Fried Hake or other Seafood, Roast Chicken, Rice, Pasta, Sauces, Assorted Veggies, Baby Potatoes, a table with Assorted Cheese & Salads, and a Desert Table with Malva Pudding  and Custard, and Assorted Desserts. This menu is not cast and stone, and may vary from day to day.

One Soft Drink per person

±14h00 Depart at Leisure
Enjoy some more Thrill Rides. Theme Park closes at 17h00.