Gold Reef City Rides

Gold Reef City Rides

Gold Reef City Rides include the Anaconda, Dream Boat, Golden Loop, Jozi Express, Miner's Revenge, Raging River Rapids, Runaway Train, Tower of Terror, UFO and Giant Wheel

Smaller rides are the Lazy Boats, Log Ride, Mermaid, 4D Theatre, Tornado, Vintage Cars, Wave Swing, Dragon Ride, Balloon Wheel, Carousel, Cups & Saucers, Monkey Walk Nets, Elephant Ride, Flintstones, Safari Train, Mouse Trap, Shongololo, Pit Stop, Play City, Mushroom, Crush Museum, Fun Train, Farmyard and many more


Dream Boat

Golden Loop

Jozi Express

Miner's Revenge

Raging River Rapids

Runaway Train

Tower of Terror


Giant Wheel