Minute to Win It Team Building Johannesburg

Minute to Win It Johannesburg

Minute to Win It MontecasinoOur Minute to Win It Team Building at Montecasino is one of the most popular team building events near Sandton in Johannesburg.

Minute to Win It Team Building at Montecasino near Sandton in Johannesburg
Minute to Win It Team Building Montecasino is a popular team building activity near Sandton. Teams cheer at their mates trying to complete simple tasks in one minute.  Our Minute to Win It Show include many new games that has never been seen on TV, and has a hilarious twist.

09h00 - Coffee and Pastries at Fego Caffé
Ice Breakers and Funny Group Activities. We will divide everybody in ±10 people per team.

09h20 - Amazing Race Montecasino
Teams have to take selfies of abstract artefacts, they must use their imagination. The race consist of three legs, and include riddles and puzzles. Teams get points for the most original pics.

11h00 - Debonair's Pizza or ANANT (Halaal), and Soft Drinks

11h15 - Minute to Win It
Based on the popular TV series, teams have to beat the clock with activities that include as balloons, ping pong balls, cards, cookies, spaghetti, bolts and nuts, and many more. To keep the cost low, this show does not include a TV with a clock ticking.

12h15 - Escape Room Games 
60min, 60 clues. Our Escape Room is World Class and include Hollywood Actors, Cartoons, popular household brands, mirror letters, invisible ink and UV Torches, pirate maps, QR codes, and many more riddles and puzzles. We are not allowed to lock companies in rooms, and instead teams need to work out where they are kept captive, so that they can get a S.O.S out to be saved – utterly brilliant, funny, and very easy!

13h00 - Meze Table Buffet and Soft Drinks at Mythos
A Mezze consist of many dishes that are passed around (share). The Meze may include Rump Strips, Beef Yiro (wrapps), Chicken Yiro, Haloumi Yiro, Haloumi Salad, Souvlaki (kebabs), Hake & Chips, Pita, Hummus, Tzatziki, Keftedes (meatballs), Biftekia (mince beef patties), Piatakia (thin lamb chops), Papoutsakia (stuffed eggplant topped with feta and Bechamel Sauce), Chicken Wings, Greek Salad, and Chips.  Soft Drinks include 340ml can Coke, Sprite etc - packed on tables on arrival

  • Vegetarian and Vegan Meals – dish from the Meze Platters. Alternatively you order from the Mythos Menu. Three Vegetarian and Vegan Meals are included in this quotation
  • Halal Meals - ordered 11h00 from ANANT, Mythos Seafood Menu, O'Galito, or bring own. Our Halaal delegates also eat at Mythos
  • Kosher Meals - we regret, there are no Kosher Restaurants at Montecasino and you may bring your own Kosher Meals. Alternative you may order from ANANT or any Seafood Restaurant. Three such meals are included in this quotation. Eat at Mythos.

Bar Tab Optional

14h00 - Winners Announced and Depart at Leisure

Minute to Win It Montecasino is a popular team building activity in Johannesburg for larger groups. The team building package also include Escape Room, teams have to solve riddles, puzzles, and use UV Torches for Invisible Ink.