Team Building Mabopane

Team Building Mabopane

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Team Building Mabopane
Mabopane Mall
Team Building Mabopane? Have you seen our Facebook Pages about Team Building in Mabopane? Are you looking for Team Building in Mabopane? Opportunity knocked on our door when companies with Facebook Pages had to keep up with trends, and hired bloggers like Lindiwe, Joyce, and I. Team Building is an online company that offer instant quotes, at the lowest rates. Our new assignment was to post articles about Team Building in Mabopane. Mabopane is a Township of Pretoria and adjacent to Soshanguve and Rankuwa in Pretoria, near Brits and Akasia. Almost all of Mabopane's residents are of black, with a few Somali traders and shopkeepers and most residents in the township rely on public transport such as bus and taxi. Mabopane is about 50 km from the City of Pretoria. Many of the Mabopane roads remain untarred with open manholes.

Blogging about a simple subject, such as Team Building in Mabopane, was not for sissies. Blogging comprises of basic web design, video shooting, YouTube, Hashtags, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and lots of traveling. So, Lindiwe, Joyce, and I hired a Rental Car, and were off to the Top 100 Cities in South Africa.

I don’t have all the answers about Team Building. I’m trying to figure out everything as a go. Our goal from the beginning was that Team Building be a Unisex brand, free of racial discrimination. Blogging for me about Team Building was about listening to the ballet dancers, the LGBT community, and divorce lawyers - there was always so much more out there. But, we also had our personal challenges. Managing our time, has really become very important. The things that keep me awake at night was, “Am I a good daughter, a good supporting sister, or a good loving fiancé?”

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