Amazing Race Team Building Gold Reef City

Amazing Race Team Building Gold Reef City with Invisible Ink

Amazing Race Team Building Gold Reef City, Gold Reef City Amazing Race by KSmart Team Building offers team building activities that has low physical requirements and that is fit for all ages

08h30 - Entrance to the Theme Park
Arrival Pastries and Coffees at The Hotel
Thrill Rider Bracelets - access to all rides    
08h45 - Ice Breakers
Hilarious Group Activities                                                                         

09h00 - Thrill Rides Riddles
Teams have to solve riddles and then go on as many rides as possible as each ride counts different points, rides include the Tower of Terror, Anaconda, Dream Boat, Golden Loop, Jozi Express, Miner's Revenge, Raging River Rapids, Runaway Train, UFO, Giant Wheel, Lazy Boats, Log Ride, Mermaid, 4D Theatre - Interactive Motion with Movie, Tornado, Vintage Cars, Wave Swing, Dragon Ride, Balloon Wheel, Carousel, Cups & Saucers, Monkey Walk Nets, Elephant Ride, Flintstones, Safari Train, Mouse Trap, Shongololo, Pit Stop, Play City, Mushroom, Crush Museum, Fun Train, Farmyard and many more                                                             

11h00 - Refreshment Break
Boeries and a soda at Sausages Galore, i.e. Coke and Sprite, we do cater for Halaal at the food outlets inside the Theme Park (Ocean Basket, Mochachos)
11h15 – Who can Win the Biggest Teddy
Each team get R100 cash,  teams compete in winning the biggest prize at the many game stands, i.e. at the Ring Tosser, you get 10 rings for R20 to toss rings on bottle necks to win a massive teddy bear          
12h00 - Amazing Race Imagination
Teams take "selfies" with various abstract background, i.e. Barack Obama, Traffic officers, Angelina Jolie, Julius Malema etc.
13h00 Lunch Buffet
Buffet Lunch at a Hotel Restaurant (usually Barnies) - buffet with desserts                               
One Soft Drinks Lunch - Soft Drink or local beers or ciders (i.e. Miller, Castle, Hunters)                                                                     

14h00 - Watch 4D Movie
The entire group go watch the 4D movies, usually a cartoon with 3D glasses that is amplified with wind, water and rocking chairs                                                               

14h30 - Depart at leisure

Delegates may enjoy the afternoon in the casino or go back to the Theme Park for more rides

Team Building Gold Reef City